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At Est. Antoine Khabbaz, we take pride in offering top-quality products from reputable brands. We stand behind the products we sell and provide warranty coverage to ensure your satisfaction.

1. Warranty Duration:

All items purchased from our website are covered by a warranty period of either 1 or 2 years, depending on the specific product. Please contact our customer support team for specific warranty information regarding your purchase.

2. Warranty Coverage:

During the warranty period, if any defects or malfunctions arise in the product due to manufacturing or material faults, we will provide repair, replacement, or other appropriate remedies at our discretion. The warranty coverage is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.

3. Warranty Terms and Conditions:

a. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and faults that occur under normal use and handling of the product. It does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, negligence, or unauthorized repairs or modifications by the customer.

b. Proof of purchase, such as the original receipt or order confirmation, is required to claim warranty service.

c. The warranty service will be provided by our qualified technicians and engineers, who will assess and determine the appropriate course of action for the defective product.

d. In cases where a repair or replacement is not feasible, we may offer an alternative solution or refund, as per our discretion.


At Est. Antoine Khabbaz, we understand the importance of safe and reliable delivery of your purchased items. We have established a robust delivery system to ensure a seamless and secure delivery process.

1. Logistics Partners:

We work with our own logistics department as well as trusted third-party logistics companies to handle the delivery of your packages. Our logistics partners are experienced and committed to ensuring the safe transportation of your items.

2. Packaging and Handling:

We take utmost care in packaging your items to protect them during transit. Our team uses appropriate packaging materials and techniques to safeguard your products. Additionally, we handle your packages with care to minimize the risk of damage during delivery.

3. Doorstep Delivery:

Our delivery service is designed to bring your purchased items right to your doorstep. Once your order is processed and ready for delivery, our logistics team will coordinate the delivery schedule with you to ensure a convenient and timely arrival.

4. Delivery Charges:

Delivery charges may apply to your order, and the exact amount will be communicated to you during the checkout process. The delivery charges may vary based on factors such as the size, weight, and destination of the package.

We are committed to ensuring that your items are delivered securely and promptly. However, please note that unforeseen circumstances or external factors beyond our control may occasionally cause delays. In such cases, we will make every effort to inform you promptly and resolve any issues that may arise.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our warranty or delivery processes, please contact our customer support team at

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