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Electrolux Stainless Steel Juicer 800W 2 Speeds


Electrolux Stainless Steel Juicer 800W 2 Speeds

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The Electrolux juice extractor has an innovative design that enables you to easily extract juices from your favorite fruits. It has a small frame that allows you to store the juice extractor even in a congested place with ease. 

Thus, this juicer complements the interior of your kitchen. The lid of this juice extractor has a smart locking feature due to which the liquid does not spill out of the container. 

The Centrifugal has an excellent capacity, so you can extract more juice in one go. The smooth texture of the extracted juice makes it easy to pour due to the wide chute that does not make the outer surface of the container messy by leaving a residue on it. The super-sharp edges of the blades give you perfect results. 

This juice extractor has a smart design that uses Stainless Steel material in its manufacturing. Thus, it adds to the juicing capacity of this juice making appliance. The blades of this juicing machine are very sharp. A high-speed motor powers the blender. 

These two features together make the juice extraction process much more comfortable and quicker. Also, you can use the smart controls and buttons of the juicer that make it convenient to use. Also, the body of this juicing appliance has a Silver finish that gives it a sleek appearance.

Optimum Performance

The Electrolux ESF2000 juicer reviews applaud its ergonomic build and superior performance. It has two-speed settings that give you complete control over your juicing outcome. This cutting edge juice extractor delivers 10000rpm of speed that lets you fix yourself a glass of fresh orange juice in a matter of seconds. Plus, automatic speed control offers the optimum juicing outcomes for all types of fruits and vegetables.

Product Specifications

Stainless Steel Juicer

Silver and Black


2 Speeds

Extra large matartub

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